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Lee, South East London

Lynsay is extremely professional and I have found the reflexology sessions very relaxing. I am always impressed with how in tune she is with my body. Reflexology has complimented sessions i've been having with a physio and personal trainer for old injuries and week after week Lynsay has been able to identify and work on my key problem areas. I would highly recommend!"

"After recovering from a life threatening illness, I knew it was time to confront a few underlying issues. BodyTalk has been the answer. I have a much more positive attitude to life, have more energy and feel more relaxed. I can highly recommend it and it works wonderfully alongside reflexology which is total bliss."

"Sessions with Lynsay really helped me through the discomforts of my second pregnancy and helped my little girl adjust beautifully to life. BodyTalk has also really helped my three year old son cope with life as a toddler - with tantrums, anger and issues of separation. The transformation in him after his sessions is amazing! Like any toddler, he goes through periods of being difficult, but after a session with Lynsay he always goes back to the loving boy he normally is - it is such a relief!"

"This was my fourth child but this time the birth was much quicker, which meant I wasn't as stressed or tired and I haven't had all my usual complaints post birth. I've also had a lot of compliments on how well I look, with lots of people saying I don't even look like I've had a baby!"

"I have seen great improvement in my symptoms since having BodyTalk. Friends have said that they can hardly believe that someone now in his sixties has so much vitality. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!"

"When I started having BodyTalk sessions with Lynsay, I had been experiencing arthritic-type joint pain in my hands and feet for some time. After several sessions though the pain became less and I was able to stop taking painkillers. I have found BodyTalk sessions relaxing and energizing, helping both mentally and physically."

“After just a few sessions, the restricted movement I’d had in my arms and the uncomfortable bloating in my tummy had both significantly improved. I cannot believe that most of my symptoms have gone after only a handful of sessions.”

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