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About BodyTalk

Why Do I Need BodyTalk?
Your body is designed to heal itself. When all the parts and systems of the body communicate with each other, healing happens naturally. Through stress or illness, these lines of communication start to break down, leading to a decline in our physical and emotional wellbeing.

What is BodyTalk?
The BodyTalk System is a very easy and non-invasive way to quickly identify and restore communication breakdowns in your body's energy systems, accelerating the healing process and helping prevent future illness.

Effective Results
BodyTalk's holistic approach is the key to its long lasting results. It addresses issues of the mind, body and spirit, dealing with the 'bigger picture' of a health issue, rather than just focusing on the shorter term relief of symptoms.

How Can BodyTalk Help?
BodyTalk can help with a wide range of issues, both physical and emotional. Conditions that typically improve with BodyTalk include allergies, back pain, headaches or migraines, stress, digestive disorders, viruses and infections, sports injuries, learning and attention disorders, hormonal disorders, emotional upsets, pre and postnatal issues and recovery after injuries or traumas.

Suitable for Anyone
BodyTalk is suitable for anyone of any age, including children and babies. It is very effective for pre and post natal issues. I had BodyTalk sessions throughout my pregnancy and have done lots of sessions on pregnant ladies and those trying to get pregnant.

How Does BodyTalk Work?

  • BodyTalk uses a technique called neuromusclar biofeedback (muscle checking), that uses the arm to establish a Yes/No communication with your body.
  • Using a protocol chart, I will ask your body a series of questions to identify what is a priority for you at that time.
  • When we have established what parts of your body need to be re-synchronised, a series of simple techniques and light tapping are used to restore communication within the body so it can heal and fix itself.
  • It is abit like a computer reboot!

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